Document recognition with high accuracy


Card form: 97%

Printed documents: 95%

Handwriting documents: Up to 95%

Handling a various type of documents

We provide identification and information

separation service based on form request

  • ID Form
  • Car registration
  • Motorbike registration
  • License
  • Passport
  • Other types of cards
  • Financial report
  • Car registration
  • Types of contracts
  • Bill
  • All other types of freeform presentation
  • Household book
  • Organization form
  • Declarations, customer information surveys

SmartOCR Studio

A very powerful GUI tool that allow you to design document comprehensions, extract any document types not depending on service provider to make APIs.

Simply repeat the steps of defining field for every field you want to extract from the document type
Finish define extracting logics for every information field
Use the finished tool to extract information of document images of the same type
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